Our instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds but they all have one thing in common, they are passionate about teaching yoga.

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My Experience with Pain and What You Can Do about it.

I’ve come to understand that pain is a part of our human condition. It’s completely subjective with each human being experiencing it in different ways. Personally, I’ve had my share…

Get to know the Owner

The first yoga class Amrita (then Allison) attended was in the local church basement with her mom at the age of sixteen. She enjoyed the practice so much that her…

Learning to Meditate

It’s very easy to read a book, take a workshop or listen to a recording to learn how to meditate. The concept is straight forward. Sit still, close your eyes…

I’ll have the Kundalini for Breakfast

How to Choose a Yoga Style I imagine when you first start looking for a yoga class it’s like looking at a menu in Japanese. “What did we have last…

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The name Amrita means nectar of immortality. When you learn about yoga from the guru (teacher) you are drinking the nectar of immortality or shining a light into the darkness. Amrita views this name as her spiritual destiny and as a spiritual goal. Practicing yoga gives your life richness of which everybody can benefit. Yoga is a life science to improve your physical, mental and spiritual body.
Amrita expresses her love towards her students by encouraging them to practice confidently and comfortably. Her classes are accessible but challenging to all levels. She makes practicing yoga exhilarating by telling silly jokes and sharing personal stories. No matter what level or style of yoga you want to practice Amrita has a class for you.
Amrita was introduced to yoga by chance but she continued to practice because she felt it fulfilled a spiritual longing. Yoga permeates all of her daily activities. When you take her classes she helps you to connect with your own inner peace.
Although many teachers influence her practice Amrita follows these words from Swami Vishnudevananda, “health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness and yoga shows the way”.

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