Getting What You Want and Understanding Motivation

You think it would be simple. Of course, you know what you want, right? In my life, I have noticed it can be hard to know what you want. Knowing what you want in a relationship, in a career, in a t-shirt and beyond. Sometimes, it comes easily, strongly, quickly and other times knowing what…

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Bending Back is Stretching the Front

There are several different yoga poses which we call “back bends”. You may have practiced them in class either lying face down trying to lift arms and legs up or lying down with a block under your hips or upper back. Does this sound familiar? Back bends are one of the most important movements in…

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Why NO is Nice

No is not negative. It’s simply an answer to a question. I’ve noticed in our modern age Yes is seen as positive, as the best response and as the only socially acceptable response. However, these are only perceptions driven by our culture and the “say yes to life” self-help gurus. No can be nice! Part…

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My Experience with Pain and What You Can Do about it.

I’ve come to understand that pain is a part of our human condition. It’s completely subjective with each human being experiencing it in different ways. Personally, I’ve had my share of pain. In my early twenties I was diagnosed with endometriosis which causes severe pain in the abdomen. Later that pain turned into deep muscle…

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